Melrose Music Festival

4-26 May 2019

Melrose Music Festival

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Welcome to the Melrose Music Festival

Welcome to the Melrose Music Festival. My name is Philip Blackledge, the Rector of Holy Trinity church, where the Festival is based. The idea for a festival arose from the love of music our congregation and neighbours have. Music has the power to lift us into a different place, gain perspective on life, bring us out of the sometimes urgent noisy world which can so easily overwhelm us. This year's festival is set around a celebration of two of the great literary works which have inspired and influenced our nation - the Bible, and the works of Shakespeare. Through that we celebrate the beauty of Choral Evensong, the beauty of the English songwriters from Purcell to Vaughan-Williams and beyond, and the towering genius of Bach.

Music is essentially a generous act - sharing something beautiful with others in the desire that their lives and their hearts are lifted. We are especially grateful to our generous patrons, whose donations have made this festival possible.


Join us this summer

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Holy Trinity Church, High Cross Avenue, Melrose TD6 9SU